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Dressage / Cowboy 
Dressage Finesse

  • Dressage literally means “high level animal training.”  United States Dressage Federation defines dressage as “the art of training and riding a horse that develops obedience, flexibility, and balance.”  You will learn to become a truly balanced rider so that you can help your horse balance instead of you balancing on him.
  • It is not necessary to have any dressage experience to take this course.  But even if you have years of experience, you will learn the scale of these movements to better understand how to build your horse gymnastically.
  • Detailed instructions on how to accomplish all the lateral movements including shoulders-in/out, haunches in/out, leg yield, half-pass, pirouette.  You will understand exactly how to achieve them!  And how mastery of these movements will give you access to movements of straightness such as extended trot or jog, piaffe, passage, and lead changes.
  • Teach your horse the basis of lead changes.  Learn sure fire ways to teach lead changes to ANY horse!!

  • You will learn how to ask for these lateral maneuvers on the ground with one or two reins, how to motivate your horse to do them at liberty, and how to achieve them with and without a bridle!  It is a myth that you need a bit to teach your horse dressage because true collection begins in the hind end of the horse, not the front! 

  • Pratice the art of GARROCHA riding, otherwise known as pole dance with horses!  Learn about how to use the pole to make perfectly round circles, motivate your horse to move off a light leg pressure, and give your horse a fun focus and purpose.  Give your horse confidence with dragging an object.
  • Learn about the beautiful movements of dressage and how applying them to your horse can cause your horse to be calmer and more elastic athlete in the arena and on some of the most beautiful trails you have seen!

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