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Playing at liberty Take the rope off and your are Left with the TRUTH.
What would your horse say to you?  Students can play in a round pen at Level 3, and in a large arena or field for Level 4, although some elements must be shown in a round pen.

 Level 4 
Cathy RouthEcho Youngbauer
Marsha ThomasGloria Beaupre

Level 3
Brenda MerpawRon Barker 
Garry Meek Marjin Werquin
Karianne LaFrance 
 Marsha Thomas 
 Juile Bovin 
 Martha Helland 
 Denise V 
 Gloria Beaupre 
 Sue Evans 
 Susan Towne 
Echo Youngbauer 
Brianna Larson 

Sitting Horse People Training
Call or Text Event Manager Philippe Dube`Boucher:

35 Corbett Road
Cody, WY 82414 USA

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