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Mastering Equine 

  • Sections in On-Line/ Liberty/ Freestyle Riding for Levels 1-3.  Don’t know what level you are?  No problem, after this week you will find out, and because of that, you will know how to progress from there.
  • Playing with a horse on-line teaches the horse to follow the “feel” of the rope, which will translate to following the “feel” of the rein.  Whether you are teaching something new, reinforcing, or refining a concept to a horse of any age, playing with a horse on-line with one rein, or two improves your timing and focus.

  • Take the skills that you have learned on-line and test your communication without a rope.  Is your body language clear enough that your horse can understand your movements and gestures without a rope?  When your horse has a choice, would he choose to be with you?

  • Learn to ride with very precise aids so your horse can understand you without a bridle.  Move the different body parts in rhythm with your horse.  Teach your horse to do in his body exactly what you do in yours!  Learn to dance.  Become a more balanced, fluid rider that is connected to your core.
  • Use what your have learned with your horse out on the trail and see the beautiful Wyoming countryside. 

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