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Aberdeen, SD - AUDITOR

  • 02 Aug 2008
  • 9:00 AM
  • 03 Aug 2008
  • 4:00 PM
  • Aberdeen, SD


  • Without a horse, observing the clinic and participating in discussions.
  • Without a horse, observing the clinic and participating in discussions.

Register online immediately and reserve your spot! If you need to pay with a check, it will be held until after the clinic date. If you wish to bring a horse, you will have to go back to the main clinic list and choose Aberdeen, SD - PARTICIPANT instead of Aberdeen, SD - AUDITOR.
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You Just Want to Watch
 Level 1

This clinic will be an introduction to Level 1 and the Parelli Savvy System.  This method of horsemanship teaches people to communicate with their horses using the foundation of the Seven Games. The Seven Games are the games horses play with each other to establish a social order within the herd. When you start to play these games with your horse, you will earn his trust and respect, take away fear and build a language with which to communicate.
  • The Friendly Game - Teach your horse to accept a saddle, rain coat, plastic bag.
  • The Porcupine Game - Teach your horse to lead, steer with a rein, be tied and pick up their feet.
  • The Driving Game - Teach your horse to move out of your space in every direction.
  • The Yo-Yo Game - Teach your horse to ground tie, slide stop and not run you over while leading.
  • The Circling Game - Teach your horse to maintain gait and direction and steer.
  • The Sideways Game -Teach your horse to open a gate and sidepass.
  • The Squeeze Game - Teach your horse to load into a trailer, cross a stream, jump a log.
Farrah will give a free demonstration on Tuesday evening at 6:30  for anyone interested in learning more about where basic concepts of Natural Horsemanship can lead!

For more information please contact Carrie Welk at 605-226-1810  or e-mail welkcd@nvc.net

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