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Custer, SD - Sunday ALL DAY - Working Equitation

  • 28 May 2017
  • 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Sue Towne's arena - Custer, SD
  • 3


  • Bring your own horse and enjoy your working equitation experience!

Register online immediately and reserve your clinic spot. Only 8 available!
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           Working Equitation Clinic


This class is designed to introduce the basic principles of the dressage and obstacle phase called Ease of Handling of Working Equitation.

The Working Equitation discipline is intended to promote competition between traditional styles of riding used during fieldwork in various countries, and also to act as a showcase for traditional riding costumes and equipment. Working Equitation Competitors can wear traditional western, english, Spanish, or Portuguese style tack and attire.  Working Equitation became a competitive sport in 1996 along with its first European championship being held in Italy the same year. 

The sport tests the horse and rider's partnership and ability to manoeuvre obstacles. There are four different levels of Working Equitation: Novice, Intermediate, Junior and Advanced. At advanced level, the rider must ride with just one hand, most commonly their left hand, on the reins.[1]

Competition events may be individual or for teams, and are in three or four parts, in this order:

  • Dressage, in which the horse and rider perform obligatory movements in a freestyle dressage test to music within a specified time scale.
  • Ease of Handling Trial, a gymkhana-type event in which horses must overcome obstacles similar to those likely to appear in the field, such as bridges and gates. The obstacle course is designed to show the partnership between horse and rider.
  • Speed, where similar obstacles must be overcome, but against time
  • Cow (only for team competitions), in which the four team members separate a specific numbered cow from a group.

Videos about working Equitation:


Article about WE:


Equipment needed:  hackamore or snaffle, saddle

Minimum qualification: official or unofficial level 2 freestyle


             For more information contact Sue Towne:


        considerthehorse@gmail.com or 605-673-5002          

The minimum qualifications are put in place to assure that you are in the class that
would be of the most benefit to you.  This also will help you set goals and be more of a   leader for your horse!  You don’t need to have already officially passed with Parelli,

  just show one of the instructor (Farrah) your audition tape and she will let you know!

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