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Fluidity, Yoga, and Horsemanship

  • 17 Sep 2018
  • 9:00 AM
  • 21 Sep 2018
  • 4:30 PM
  • Trapper Creek Ranch 3343 Trapper Creek Road / PO Box 165 Shell, Wyoming 82441
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When we really play with horses, proving to them that we are trust worthy and earn their love and respect they will allow you to enter their world.  But in order to understand what they are trying to communicate, your mind must be open and focused on the here and now, not past or future thoughts.  Yoga can help you learn how to breath and stimulate different parts of your body that will help circulate energy and clear your mind.  Learning to breath with your horse will help you get in rhythm and time with your horse’s feet and therefore help their brain relax too!

Also, in order to really enjoy riding you must learn to move with your horse and not against him.   When you have a truly independent seat, you are able to use your body in a way that does not restrict his movement, but rather empowers the horse.  It feels like dancing or even flying!  How does one achieve this euphoric sensation?  By being in rhythm with your horses’ thoughts, feelings, emotions, and body.  Learn to move your body parts separately without the horse, and then practicing similar movements while riding.  

This is not like other yoga and horsemanship classes that you have seen or heard about.  You and the horses will have fun!  You will have yoga and meditation sessions without the horses to learn the poses and the limitations of your body.  Poses will be specially selected to help you become a better rider.  You play on-line, showing the horses yoga poses also!   You will play at liberty, learning to get in time with their feet and thinking.  The horses will not be used as a yoga mat, where one person stands and holds the horse while another does poses on them for hours.  This may happen for minutes, but then the horses will move and become your partner, by causing you to stretch your body while riding  And then, to really clear your mind, you will take a ride on the trail to smell, see, and listen to the beauty that is the wilderness of WY.  All of this will be conducted in a place that could not be any closer to nature, in Trapper Canyon, next to the calming babble of Trapper creek.  Hope to see you there!

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