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On Line Level 2 (THFF) Class 4 of 4

  • 12 Oct 2009
  • 5:30 PM - 6:59 PM
  • The Horse First Farm, Brooklyn, WI


  • All 4 classes, every Monday beginning on Sept. 21 - Oct. 12th. Come without a horse and take some notes home to your four legged friends!
  • One class - Monday beginning on Sept. 21st - Oct 12th. Come without a horse and take some notes home to your four legged friends!
  • Every Monday Sept. 21st - Oct 12th. Bring a horse to class and receive personalized instruction in a group setting. Learn about how to play with other horseanalities as well as your own. Have success with horses!

Register online immediately and reserve your spot! Only 8 available! Pay with a check to The Horse First Farm - checks will be held until after the first class.
On Line Level 2

Minimum Requirements:  Auditioned Level 1*

Instructors:       Farrah Green - 2 Star Parelli Instructor
                         Michelle Manshardt - 2 Star Parelli Instructor

Goals:  Prepare your horse to be ridden.  Develop gaits that are comfortable and safe for a rider.  Develop smooth upward and downward transitions.  Teach your horse to be braver and more responsive in every zone! 

Here are some topics that may be covered in the four 90 minute long sessions in this course.  This is the first time this course has been run, so there is a chance that we might not get to all of these topics.  In class, if there is a specific issue that you need help with, please let the instructors know – there might be someone else in the class with the same question!  We look forward to seeing you there!
  • Level 2 On Line Patterns - Touch-it, Figure 8, Weave
  • Play tools,  22' and carrot stick
  • Pick up all feet, Lead by the Leg
  • Stick to me at the walk, trot
  • Transitions, walk, trot, possibly canter
  • Sideways at trot
  • Sideways without the rail
  • Mounting block
  • Jumping the barrels
  • Zone 3 driving
  • Cross tarp
  • Draw at trot
  • Saddling with Savvy
  • Extreme Friendly - Bomb proofing!

The goal of this class is to introduce all of the topics in Level 2 On Line.  You may need more time to practice these tasks to actually make them passable for your Level 2 On Line Audition (depending on how much you practice outside of class).  You can always repeat the course if you feel as though you need more practice time on any of the topics listed.  At the end of the course, if you graduate, there will be lesson times available to film your Level 2 On Line Audition.  Graduation means that the instructors feel you could pass your official Level 2 On Line Audition.

There is $5 trailer-in fee due to The Horse First Farm at the time of arrival.  Stabling is available for $15/ day.

For more information please contact Barb Riffle at barb@sittinghorse.us  or at (608) 219-6399.
Driving directions to the facility:

The Horse First Farm
5594 Alpine Rd.
Brooklyn WI 53521

*The minimum qualifications are put in place to assure that you are in the class that would be the most benefit to you.  This also will help you set goals and be more of a leader for your horse!  You don’t have to have already officially passed with Parelli, just show one of the instructors (Michelle, Farrah) you audition tape and we will let you know!

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