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Clinic Host FAQ

1. Where do I start?
       Read through these questions, maybe even print them out. Write down any additional questions that you may have. Then you can call Amy Nelson at 713-444-0287 , or email her at She will help you sort through the details, choose dates, and help you with the contract.  

2. What kind of facility do I need? 
     Arena size depends on how many participants you are expecting. Farrah can do a lot with limited space, so talk to Philippe about that. You don't need to have an indoor arena, but in case of inclement weather, we do ask that you try to have one available. It is very difficult to reschedule a clinic, so our policy is rain or shine. You will need to provide toilet facilities. If you don't want to share your bathroom, you will need to provide a Porta Potty. You need to have pens or stalls available for overnighters. It is also good to have electrical hook ups available for overnighters. If you do not have a readily available water source, you will need to ask participants in advance to bring their own. They will have some thirsty horses! You may also want to have some barrels, ground poles, and/or cones available for the classes. 
3. How many people can Farrah teach at once?
    She can teach up to ten people at one time, up to Level 4 in Online, Freestyle, Liberty, and Finesse.

4. What is the clinic format?
    Farrah offers 3 and 4 day clinics. For a 3 day clinic, it is common to have 1 day of private lessons and 2 days of classes divided into morning and afternoon sessions. Morning session generally start at 9 and go until 12. Afternoons start at 1 and last until 4. We can discuss what you are looking for based on the levels of your expected participants and tailor the format to your needs. 

5. What will I need to do once I've scheduled my clinic?
     First you will need to decide what to charge for participation.  We can help you with this, based on your expected number of participants. And then--  publicize publicize publicize!! We will list your clinic on our website, Facebook, and other social media pages. It is your responsibility to advertise further. You will need to be available to answer questions. Keep in mind- it is your responsibility to cover the agreed upon fees and costs. What you get out of your clinic will depend upon what you put into it!

6. What kind and how many horses can participants bring?
    Generally we recommend that people bring their "Levels" horse- that is, the horse that they play with the most, and have advanced their own horsemanship with. If someone needs help with a green horse, they should sign up for a private lesson. No stallions will be permitted. Participants may bring more than one horse if you have facilities for them. 
7. How do participants sign up and pay?
    We prefer that people register on the Sitting Horse website. They can do so on the calendar page where your clinic is listed. They can pay with PayPal at that time if they desire. They may also pay you directly. 

8. What will people need to bring to the clinic?
    For Online classes, participants will need a rope halter, a carrot stick,  either a 12', 22' or 45' rope (depending on individual level of savvy). For Freestyle, they will need their preferred riding equipment, whether it be saddle or bareback pad, and necessary headgear- hackamore, bridle, or halter/rope. Helmets are recommended. Outside of class, participants will need their usual housekeeping supplies. It is not a bad idea for you to have manure forks, wheelbarrows, and some spare buckets available. Water, chairs, etc. are up to participants. 

9. Are auditors welcome?
     Of course!! We strongly encourage auditors. Auditors can be a big help in covering costs. It's up to you whether or not to provide chairs, snacks, etc. 

 10.The Big One- what does it cost?

    Farrah requires a $250 deposit upon booking. The deposit will be applied to the total cost of the clinic. You are also responsible for travel, lodging and meal expenses for Farrah, an assistant, and up to 4 horses if Farrah drives. If Farrah does drive, she will stay in her own trailer, and will only require electrical hook up. The clinic fee will depend on the number of days of the clinic.  Generally this is about $1000/ day.  There are other prices for lesson days.  Philippe can help you out with that (see below for contact information)

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