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Sitting Horse is excited to offer you a new learning opportunity!  Check out the different options that are available to you depending on your personal horsemanship needs.

Sitting Horse Tribe
Member Benefits
$120/ yr**
 1 Weekly Training Video  X
 Biweekly live clinics ParticipantX
 Biweekly Q & A Session (60 min)X
 15% off of Live and video coaching
 15% to 20%  off store itemsX
 20% off of live clinic Participation

**If there is an error processing your monthly or annual payments, your account will be temporary disabled until you reactivate it online

Here is an in-depth description of each of the services that Sitting Horse is offering below:

Weekly Training Video 

See Farrah's horses and client horses develop on a weekly basis.  Follow Farrah around the country as she teaches students of different levels and disciplines.  Listen to the advice she offers for training horses from beginning to advanced levels.  Have access to the video library as she creates it.  Typically there will be 1 training video created weekly that range from 5 minutes to 20 minutes in length.  These videos will be accessed through a private Facebook Group called the Sitting Horse Tribe.  After you sign up for your membership, you will be sent and invitation through Facebook granting you permission to access these videos.  If you do not have a Facebook account, please contact Amy at for options.

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Biweekly Q & A Sessions 

Sit with Farrah for a 60 minute video conversation with other students.  Listen to the questions of other students and contribute your own questions.  This session will be held with internet meeting software.  A link to the meeting will be posted 30 minutes in advance on a private member page.  You can attend the meeting with your computer, tablet, smart phone, or call in with any phone.  These sessions will typically be held on Sunday at 6 pm MST.

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Biweekly live clinics    

This is perhaps the most exciting feature we have to offer!  biweekly live clinics with Farrah. It will be like being at a clinic or a live training session with Farrah and her horses.  You will be sitting in the front row watching Farrah train her horses, and client horses LIVE on a specific topic of the week!  If you sign up as a PARTICIPANT, you will be able to ask real time questions about the training process.  You will hear other students questions about how to teach advanced maneuvers to your horse.  You will see different stages of progress of the maneuvers and what skills to have in place before going to the next step.  You don't have to come to Wyoming to be here!  Webinars will be recorded, so if you are not able to attend one week, you will have access to them in the Facebook Video library.  Webinars will typically be held on every 2 Wednesday nights at 6 pm MST. Participants will be ask to join a Zoom meeting.  Auditors will be able to audit on the Facebook private group page once its uploaded.

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Video Coaching and Live Lessons - Click Here for more information

Receive a Free Demo Lesson!

If you are a first time student, try a lesson for free to see if our service is the right fit for you!  Just choose a date in the calendar that works for you and enter the discount code TRY IT.  This offer is one lesson, either video or live per customer.

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